about Peter

”The painting entered my adult life 1985, during the year I lived  in the Caribe, (see the paintingdream”) . After a couple of years back home in Sweden with drawing, crayons and watercolor, I found the oil, which since then has been my medium number one.
After the milleniumshift I left Sweden again, and moved to Andalucia in the south of Spain.

alegria                peter i cerler

I stayed three years down there, in the sun and the heat, with lifepassionate and flamencodancing people. This was a period which was going to influence my painting very much, as well as my life, and I still experience Spain and its culture strong in my body and spirit.

After coming back up north 2004, I painted intensively during 7-8 years, certain periods almost fulltime. Except in the winters, though … when the mountains pulled me up and onto the snow.

The last 10 years I have also experienced another strong passion rising from within, and take its place beside painting and my beloved skiing … the Argentine tango. I have been investing more and more time in the tango, and have found a lot of new inspiration for painting being born in this magical dance!   I am absolutely in love in it !

I also, for sure, get a lot of inspiration from nature. The strong and beautiful nature I take with me into the studio. There I let it be born again, and let the motive come out in its own phase …… out from memories and emotions, from fantasies and dreams. Color is put on color, some is taken away, some stay … an image is maybe coming out … to be kept, or to be covered.

It really feels as if the painting is ”painting itself”. The hand seems to have its own life, beyond thought. Very enjoying, exciting and also a little strange sometimes.  Mostly I have no idea where the picture is heading!

While painting I am searching the light, the depth, and that special expression, which mostly is being born in “presence”. To paint is for me a meditation, and my mainfocus is in doing my absolutely best to “put energy” in the picture.
This I do, in some strange way I can´t explain, by meditating myself into the colors.
I also wish the finished painting to touch something deeper within.


Since 2003 I have shown my paintings 1-4 times/year at galleries in Stockholm and other cities of Sweden, as well as in some places in Spain, France and Italy. (see ”exhibitions” ). My pictures are now represented in many private homes and Art-associations, and I am very grateful for the response I have received during these years !
I am a member in the artistcommunity ”Roslagens Konstnärsgille” in Stockholm, and aside from the work in my private studio located in Ulricehamn, I am conducting courses in ”meditative painting”, as well as courses in oil- and watercolor.


Here follows a short ”paintingbiography” ;

*  studies in drawing, watercolor and oilpainting at different ”eveningschools” during the years 1985-2000, in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 

*  studies in watercolor for Maria Ginzburg 1999-2000.

*  apprenticeship with swedish artist Britt Hedén, during the years in Spain, (2001-03).

*  studies in painting and philosophy for Curt Källman, founder of paintingschool Vedic Art.
/  Education to become Vedic Art-teacher summer 2004.

*  oilpainting studies at the ”Folkuniversitetet” in Stockholm /  2008.

*  Mentorship for Britt Hedén, years 2008 – 2019.

*   member in artistcommunity Roslagens Konstnärsgille, Stockholm, since 2009.

pb@peterbuchar.com    tel.0046 – (0)76 – 801 81 98 

For Peters latest lifepassion Argentine tango, welcome to visit his websitewww.tangoharmony.se