mindful painting

… when the act of painting is leaving demands and expectations,
to become a pleasant meditation.

Many are the artists whom can tell about moments when ”time stops”,  when magic flow takes over, etcetera.

We all have some sort of ”evaluating eye”. An eye which helps us and guides us, when for example one wonders which color to use at a specific moment.
This eye is our helper, BUT it is also our worst enemy. It often sabotages the possibilty of really enjoying the full process, and it sabotages the possibilty for real flow to happen.

This eye, this ”inner judge”, was for me during some years a real pain, and took away most of the joy. I was constantly evaluating and comparing. Finally I managed, with help from eagerness and patience, and with help from tools like Qigong and Meditation, to break through, and land in the pleasant feeling to just create, mostly without judging or evaluation.

With help from meditation, like for example Mindfulness it is possible to learn to observe ones own mind, and to observe what happens in the body. This is very powerful and effective ”mental training”, and creates control !
You will end up in some sort of observing of what happens, as if it is not really you … or really true.
A sort of ”vaccum” is created, it is very fascinating … and in this ”emptiness” something new can be born.

I am sure this happens for many artists, without any help from meditation, but I have noticed that we can, if one desires, take direct advantage from the eastern methods. To meditate before, or during, the act of painting, might help us to reach the magic state when it feels like the ”painting is painting itself”.

A course in Mindful painting is a pleasant mix of painting, technique and ”meditation”, a focused humble work, with intention to stimulate the creativity, and to find ones own personal expression, right now .    /   Peter Buchar