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Some years ago, 2014/15, I was invited to have a ”full winter-exhibition” at Härjedalens mountain-museum. Very honoured, I drove my car up through Sweden, with 35 oilpaintings of mine. It was a very special winter, and for sure also a very special exhibition for me 🙏🙂 . Fantastic memories.

20.vägen hem
See video : ” Art expo mountainmuseum 2015 ” 

After closing that exhibition in the beginning of  May 2015, life went on. Like  before, but also not like before! Being acknowledged with an invitation like the one mentioned above, is likely to change something, and very inspired I kept on painting in my homestudio in Ulricehamn.

Now some 4 years have passed, including some other exhibitions, of course. In Stockholm as well as in Ulricehamn at the local museum. I am grateful for my personal priorities, eventhough it is quite difficult and challenging sometimes to keep on living my paintingdream 🎨🙏

Mostly I take short videoclips when I exhibit, please find the links above. And for info about all my exhibitions, the old ones and the upcoming ones, please see ”exhibitions”.

Now ……. year 2020 is coming up !! I am on my way to Spain, to live by the coast and paint for some months 😀🙏 . We will see what will come out of that 😀 …. que sera sera.  What will come, will come ❤️!

In august a new soloexhibition in Stockholm is waiting, this time at Gallery Bellman ( ”see exhibitions” ), and in october I will return to Rådhuset in Ulricehamn for another twoweek-exhibition.

Have a nice winter !     /    Peter Buchar , December 30, 2019